Tuesday, June 21, 2011

March 26, 2011

Last week my brother Michael came to town. This doesn’t happen all the time, so we all made sure that we were going to take the time to get together. He was in town for a week, but Sean and I couldn’t get away from work until the weekend. Saturday morning came around and I had a stake relief society workshop in the morning. I drove down with Jenny (which was so fun) and they served delicious muffins and juice! Then Sean came and picked me up and we headed to Cocoa Beach to meet my family. It was a beautiful day (despite the XS sizes of swimsuits in Target—is everyone XS or am I the only one who’s not). The sun was shining so bright! We picked up some pizzas and made it just about an hour after everyone else! Michael, Johnathan, Ashlee, Mom, Gavin, Me, Sean, and Johnathan’s friend Jenny all had a blast! We went swimming (the water was only cold at first), played soccer & Frisbee, and Michael was helping me catch the perfect wave on the boogie board! Sean and I got sunburned—him on one arm and face—me—EVERYWHERE! I was so fried! First burn of the summer I suppose!

After we left the beach, Sean went home because he had to clean and be at Ward Council in the morning. I stayed with Ashlee and we went shopping at Winter Garden Village with Michael, Ben (Chinese Foreign Exchange Student living with Ashlee), and Mom for Stephanie’s birthday present—since we were celebrating her b-day the next day. We got her an outfit that of course I was jealous of, then we went home and made a little din-din on the BBQ. Afterwards, even though we were all sunburned, we went and played laser tag! It was so awesome! It was a split level room. We played with these kids, 3 girls ages probably 6-11, and a 13 yr old boy. It was us against them. They did pretty good and I did run away screaming from them. They would chase us and say, “I’m gonna get you! I’m gonna get you!” It was intense.

The next day, we went to my sister’s ward and it was ward conference. I was able to go to her Primary Teacher training as well as her class. It was so insightful and I could relate to the YW as well. After church we began immediate setup for Steph’s party. Sean got to Ashlee’s right when we did so we were able to spend the rest of our Sunday afternoon together. We put all of steph’s baby pictures and those of her growing up all over the table with sparkly tinsel. We ate a delicious feast and gave Steph her presents. We concluded the evening by playing Loaded Questions and chatting. I love family get-togethers. We all really have a great time! It’s good to see that no matter what, we all still love spending time together and that we know we can always be there for each other. I love that Sean has a great relationship with my family like I do with his. Families can be together forever, and I am glad I am with mine!

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