Thursday, September 17, 2009

You heard right...I'm a wife!

So this is for everyone out there who's been saying, "Meagan, UPDATE YOUR BLOG!" I love you guys and I'm doing this for you!

August 14, 2009 was the beginning of the rest of my life as a married woman. The day turned out beautifully. The week before, however, was a little intense.

Sean and I drove from Rexburg, Idaho to Springfield, Missouri, to Orlando, Florida in a few days. We made it safely without a problem (aside from a cop in Alabama thinking that my headlights were too bright, and he didn't even know how to read my car registration correctly) taking pictures all along the way of all the states that we visited. It was such a fun trip and we knew that if we could make it through that, then we could make it through anything! A funny thing happened, however, our first day in Orlando...I got in my first car accident. Yep, some guy side swiped me after I was making a U-Turn. Not my fault, but still my first car accident. Was that going to discourage me? I DON'T THINK SO!!!

The whole two weeks before the wedding was havoc, but enjoyable havoc. We met with Sean's aunt Kathy who instantly became our caterer and decorator. She took care of it all including chair covers, tablecloths, and paying for mostly all our flowers! She was a saint and made our life so much easier. Within two weeks we planned:
-flowers (including visiting the florist)
-bridesmaid dresses (all sizes in the same dress)
-bridesmaid shawls (probably the hardest part)
-Sean's tux
-vests for all the grooms men
-finding outfits for the parents
-hair appointment
-nail appointment
-making sure full invites for the bridal shower

My bridal shower was wonderful and fun and scandalous and exciting. It was the night before the wedding so everyone that was in town got to come. I wore some hot pink heels and I received a TON of gifts!!! Seriously it was like a birthday times ten!

Then came the wedding. Everything was taken care of and everything was so so so so beautiful! I wish everyone could have been there! However, I did feel the spirits of everyone I love there with me, I really did. I was absolutely BEAMING!!! My sister and sean's cousin (the professional makeup artist) both came in the brides room to help me get ready. Sean and I were a little shaky but once we knelt across the altar, it was perfect. We were so happy. Sean was actually crying more than I was (especially when we were hugging everyone). I cried too... tears of pure PURE joy. My heart was so full. I was truly happy. My brother in-law Jon, and Sean's BFF Andrew were our witnesses. Neither of our parents could be in there with us, but nothing about the day felt wrong. IT WAS ALL SO PERFECT!

My mom and dad met us in the entrance of the temple with my flowers, tears and hugs. When Sean and I saw each other for the first time (him seeing me for the first time in my dress--worth the wait), we just belonged together. When we walked outside everyone was applauding, taking pictures, crying, laughing, smiling, complimenting, and everyone just looked perfect.

We took lots of great pics and made our way to the reception to see everything. We then went to pack for the honeymoon and went back to the reception... TO BE CONTINUED... MY HUBBY IS CALLING! LOVE YOU GUYS!

Monday, March 2, 2009


So I retrieved these questions from one of Ellen's older posts on her blog, and I want to encourage you all to do the same and let me know about your sweetheart. I put mine and Seans much fun!

Meagan's Answers

1. Your sweetheart's name? Sean O’Connor

2. How long have you been together? About 4 months

3. How long did you date? About 4 months

4. How old is he? 22… almost 23 on April 22

5. Who eats more? He does, but he’s a growing boy ;)

6. Who said I love you first? He did, on the bus on the way back from the IF temple… time and a place…I said it on the walk home.

7. Who is taller? He is THANK GOODNESS! I don’t think I could handle that if he wasn’t!

8. Who sings better? I’ve been singing longer, but he sings better than he thinks he does.

9. Who is smarter? Sean is street smarts, I’m school smarts. However, I’m sure once he graduates from college, he’ll be both!

10. Whose temper is worse? Mine for sure…sorry baby! (That is, unless it comes to someone hurting me or upsetting me <3)

11. Who cooks dinner? He does… we’re both okay with just cereal, but Sean would be more likely to cook than me… I prefer baking.

12. Who drives when you are together? He does. I like that I can snuggle up to him when he drives.

13. Who is more stubborn? Hmmm… that’s a tough one. Probably both of us…

14. Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? He is… I guess that means I’m more stubborn.

15. Whose parents do you see the most? Well since we haven’t met his yet, mine probably.

16. Who. is more sensitive? I am definitely more sensitive. Sean’s learning that.

17. Who has more friends? I think I do. Sean spent a lot of time recently with his family. However, he did serve a mission so there’s a who slew of friends there.

18. Who has more siblings? I do I do!

19. Where did you meet? On the phone… then at my apartment door.

20. What was the first thing you said to each other? Mind you, I chose to text, even though I hated texting.

Sean: “Hey what’s up”
Meagan: “Nothing, who’s this”
Sean: “Your secret admirer”
Meagan: “Oh! I've always wanted a secret admirer! Can we meet under the flag pole at three o’clock tomorrow after school?”

21. Where was your first date? We went to the Decades Dance on Campus dressed as a flapper and a 1920’s gangster

22. Where was your first kiss? Well our first “kiss” was in my kitchen next to the sink. I had just taken a bite of a roll and Sean dove in! I just kind of smirked and kept eating my roll.

23. If you could change anything what would it be? Hmmm, that I could do my internship in NY and have Sean here with me.

Sean's Answers (I really like his)

1. Your sweetheart's name? Meagan Sly!!!!!!!!!!!

2. How long have you been together? From the Pre earth life

3. How long did you date? Still dating and will forever,

4. How old is she? 22…23 6 days before our wedding =)

5. Who eats more? I do.

6. Who said I love you first? I did on a charter bus. So romantic but I couldn’t hold it in any longer!

7. Who is taller? I am.

8. Who sings better? Meagan most defiantly.

9. Who is smarter? Meagan..

10. Whose temper is worse? Depends…Im going to say mine. But Meg definitely can have one.

11. Who cooks dinner? I would most likely.

12. Who drives when you are together? Prob me.

13. Who is more stubborn? Me most likely. But Meagan can be stubborn. But mostly when its important things. Not over stupid stuff.

14. Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? Meagan would say her but I think I would. Lol jk

15. Whose parents do you see the most? Neither. I met her mom she’s never met any of my parents.

16. Who. is more sensitive? She is I think.

17. Who has more friends? Meagan for sure.

18. Who has more siblings? Meagan. 2 sis 2 bro.

19. Where did you meet? Under the flag pole ..jk. In her apartment.

20. What was the first thing you said to each other? Whats up….she said I think…Who is is this my secret admirer?

21. Where was your first date? BYU I dance. Looking like a pimp and she was a flapper girl.. I think that’s what its called.

22. Where was your first kiss? On her couch..

23. If you could change anything what would it be? If I could be with Meagan right now!!!!!! And I was rich!!!! And got my calling and election made sure!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Let me tell you about my best friend...

This Valentine's Day I experienced quite the array of emotions. I finally had the love of my life, however, he was in Idaho and I was across the country ( approximately a distance of 2281.41 miles) in NYC. The good thing about this was, Sean found a way to make this one of the most wonderful Valentine's Days EVER for me!

On Wednesday, he sent me a teddy bear, chocolates, and a card that said "It's a wonderful feeling to be in love with my best friend." When I opened it, it was his voice telling me he loved me (amongst other things) as well as Tim McGraws "My Best Friend"....

If that wasn't enough, on Thursday, Renee at the front desk told me I had a delivery. I go to the front, and it was a dozen red roses! Sean send me red roses for Valentine's day. They came in a box, packaged so it didn't damage the flowers, and had a vase as well. I took them out and had the biggest smile on my face. He said he wanted me to have them at work so i can have something nice to look at... and of course I'll be thinking of him the whole time!

I love that he did that for me. I'm so happy he's the love of my life, and my best friend that I can tell ANYTHING to. He's perfect, and perfect for me. I love Sean O'Connor.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The people I work with, and the work I do...

My job here is going great. Although I don't do much, I have the opportunity to see and observe, and "take a bite out of" what exactly it is our company promotes...

(left to right)bottom: Me, Noah Riley, Allison Riley
top : Todd Christofferson, Dave Schefcik
David Olsen, our office manager, was taking the picture.
Too bad Neal had to fly to San Francisco last night. He really missed out!

One of our clients is ColdStone Creamery and they launched their new cupcake today. (Dave went out and bought some for the whole gang. Thanks Dave.) It was quite delicious.

The layout: Hard, crunchy chocolate cup, filled with cake, a layer of chocolate syrup, a scoop of ice cream, and topped off with whipped frosting. A little chocolate swirl to accent the look.

The group I work with is just amazing. They are each so talented and motivated with their work. I love these guys.

One last picture:

Peanut butter and jelly is a common occurrence for me here in the city. It's cheap and portable. One day we all just so happened to bring peanut butter and jelly to work for lunch...ALL OF US! It was quite the day so we decided to document it. Neal, not pictured, was the one taking the photo. Thanks Neal.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

SUBWAY...not the restaurant

This wouldn't fit on my last post so here it goes...

I take the subway to work and am surprised how no one talks and it's so quiet. When it comes rumbling up it scares me every time. It's fun though how fast you move into the pace
. Yesterday there was a guy playing his Jamaican drums and he asked me to play! I loved it! It was so much fun! So much culture.

This one was on my way home from church. They just got on and started playing. Mexican Mariachi anyone?

The Big Apple...YUM!



Here it is from the beginning...

In December, I got to spend a lot of time with my mom and Brother Michael who came up for my graduation. They finally got to see Idaho (excluding the fact that Michael's already been there), and my mom got to see what I've been doing for the past 4 1/2 years!!!So after I graduated, I came home to Missouri and spent some wonderful time with some people I love...Especially my boyfriend Sean who came and spent about a week with me....

On the way home, we got to stop and see my adorable nephew and niece, Chloe and Eli...

Afterwards I went to Florida and surprised Ashlee (my sister) and spent time with her, Gavin, Jon, and my littlest bro, who's not so little, Johnathan.

I also got to see my other sister Stephanie, her husband Wes, and their baby Kaleb. It was so much fun! I had a great time!

went to the beach and swam in the Atlantic....and pick fresh oranges right off the tree! They were the best I'd ever eaten...

We also went to Disney's Animal Kingdom, MGM (Hollywood Studios), and the Magic Kingdom.

I loved it! I really love Florida!

This is me on one of the rides at the Animal Kingdom...LOL

I'm doing so great! I had a hard time my first few days getting here and adjusting to everything by myself, but I guess you could say now I've gotten in the flow of things. I really love it. I need to know where those shops are with really cheap clothing...I'm so out of fashion here. Seriously.

Officially graduating is kind of a big deal, except for the fact I feel so small and so young out here. It's good but crazy.

I am working for Coltrin and Associates. I haven't really had much to do since I've been here--there are no projects right now. I've just been reading and reading, sleeping and sleeping. It's kind of relaxing though.

I moved out here last Thursday. I flew into JFK and took my first ride in a taxi. My mom was really paranoid but my driver was so kind. Taxi drivers know their stuff though. They are pushy and crazy, but surprisingly I felt safe the whole time. I almost missed the city skyline because I was looking out of a different window of the was so great when I did see it though. It really did look just like the pictures.

I'm living in Harlem right now. It’s really not that bad.
It’s an adorable apartment that has a swing in it. I shop at a GHETTO grocery store and I'm still scared (even though it's a really safe part of town and really quiet[weird that the quiet scares me more than the loud]) when I walk home. Right down the street is Central Park (4 min walk). It's dead right now so it's not all that pretty, however I am right by the skating rink, so that's fun. I take the subway to work and am surprised how no one talks and it's so quiet. When it comes rumbling up it scares me every time. It's fun though how fast you move into the pace.

I met my roomies when I first got there. There was only one and the other came last night. They are leaving at the end of the month and I will be too. The lease is ending so I think I'm moving to Brooklyn. INTENSE...

The single's ward is great. The people are all so so friendly. I forgot that everyone goes to NY to make it big, so there's a LOT of talent out here. Singing in sacrament meeting was INSANE! It was so loud! LOL. They are all good people though. I'll have to tell you sometime about my fire escape and heels adventure.

It's such a fun city. I can't believe how many people there actually are, but it's awesome. Always tons on the street. I love that everyone walks everywhere. I have a subway station right by my work, but I figured I need the exercise so I walk 6 blocks to one corner of Times Square and take the subway there. It's like a wave of people that you just go with the flow or you'll get pulled under. It's insane. I work at 1212 Avenue of the Americas--one block from the center of Times Square...

I'm here until May...depending on how much I love it.

I'll probably be coming back to Rexburg because...

Well, Sean and I are getting MARRIED!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Crazy!!! I'm so's not official but will be when I come back. It will probably be in July in Orlando! He's going to school in Rexburg so we don't want to be apart!

That's the scoop from me any way! Whew that was intense! Miss you so much! Love ya and keep in touch...