Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fun Sunday

The next morning was just as slow, but so relaxing. It was raining all morning, so we all sat out on the deck and watched the storm. The kids played in the rain. Sean and I headed out to Orlando to listen to his friend Austin's farewell talk. This kids family really welcomed Sean and his brother and sister when they got baptized years ago, and this kid said Sean is one of his heroes. He is such a sweet kid and is going to be a great missionary! I was happy that we were able to go and share this moment. Sean really does love him.

After a full morning of traveling and a few stops in between, Sean and I finally made it home for the weekend. We rested and took a little nap, then Sean had to go clean since he had missed out on doing so because of the busy weekend. Right when he left, my brother Michael called, and he and his girlfriend Audrey and her son Landon, and my brother Johnathan were on their way to our house from Cocoa Beach. We had some dinner, watched the first ever episode of Power Rangers, and finished up the night by going and sitting out on our dock just looking at the water.

This really was a great week and great opportunity to get to know Audrey. We hadn't met her before this and we really like her and glad we FINALLY got to meet one of Michael's girlfriends. Her son is so adorable and is the most chill baby. So much fun with all of them.

Family gatherings don't happen that often, but I am so glad that they do because my family--although crazy--is awesome!


The-Sauser-Family said...

It was so nice of you guys to come!!

Meagan and Sean said...

Thanks! We both really were so happy we came. He really seems like such a good young man. Sean loves him and is very proud of him...as I am sure you all are. That musical number was sweet too! Are you in Orlando all the time?