Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fun Saturday

The next day was kind of relaxed in the morning. We all took our time gathering our stuff for the weekend, then all of a sudden it's like we were rushed and running behind. Funny how fast things change. We made our way to the beach in St. Petersburg where the water is a little more shallow and perfectly turquoise. There were lots of Seashells and me and my brother were finding a lot of small conch shells. So beautiful! It began to rain AGAIN, so we made our way to the little motel where we got a HUGE room for a cheap price. Seriously, it was a 4 minute walk to the beach...we were on the upper level, so on the balcony was a perfect view of the ocean. When we all were changed and ready for the evening, we set out to find somewhere to eat. We ended up eating at a little place called Picante.

Sean got unlimited fish and chips (nice and fresh) and I got the Mushroom & Bacon Swiss Burger with homemade potato chips. OH MY DAYS! It was made fresh to order and was oh-so-delicious! I wish now I had taken a picture! One of the best, fresh, homemade burgers I have ever had!

Afterwards, Ashlee and I wanted to go see the sunset on the beach, so we walked from the restaurant to the beach. We missed the actual sunset, but we got to see the after effects. What we did find, however, was a whole new adventure! Something was going to be built, so they had cranes gather HUGE piles of sand, much like the dunes in Rexburg--if you add a TON of seashells. Ashlee, Gavin and I began climbing on them and were jumping off them. Then, along came everyone else! Jon conveniently had his camera, so we took pictures of each of us jumping off the sand dunes over and over again. The pictures look so cool and will be coming soon. We were there for a few hours. Sean and I went swimming after, then Ashlee and I went and bought groceries from Walgreens (not the best place), then finally made it to bed.

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