Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mandy In Town

Remember...I am posting stuff I wrote a long time ago!

The week after Michael went home to MO, Mandy came into town! I haven’t seen her since she came for my wedding, and now she is married and PREGO!!! So excited for her! She is going to have a little girl named Annabelle!

I picked up Mandy from the airport and we went to lunch, followed by a shopping trip and my determination to find the outlet malls. We had a lot of fun just catching up and talking like we used to talk. That evening, we went to her aunts house and WE GOT TO SING!!! Oh how I love singing with Mandy! We were both looking forward to it! We sang all the songs we used to, and her wonderfully sweet aunt played the piano and taught us a few new ones! We are singing soulmates (except that she should be famous).

Anyway, the next day was the baby shower, so I went to the store and prepped for the party. I made so many flowers and bows for that baby it’s insane. I told her since I can’t be there to do her hair, that would have to do!

We went to the baby shower at her awesome friend Ana’s house, and set up and enjoyed the rest of the evening with a lot of food!!! Too much food! That was the most I had eaten all month! It was DELICIOUS!!! Mandy and I sang again, then we headed home. I dropped her off, then headed back to my home. The next time I see Mandy she will have a baby in her arms! So wonderful!

Pictures coming soon!

Here's one of her new little girl Annabelle!

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