Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lots to say...so little space...

May 27-30, 2011

I know that my last post was Mother’s Day weekend, and there is so much that I haven’t blogged about, but the thought of trying to play catch-up is pretty overwhelming. Thank goodness I started writing this a long time ago!

This last weekend was so much fun! Sean and I really had a lot to do, but a lot of fun! I was sick all last week, so by Thursday I was getting restless so we went and played volleyball at the church. Not the best idea for someone who was so sick, but we did it anyway. Friday night I stayed up late while Sean went to work so we can watch I AM NUMBER FOUR when he got off! It was more exciting and more supernatural than I expected it to be. Saturday we got up early because we had to help the Flemings load their truck to move. This mom and her two youngest girls are some of the best people we have ever known! Tierra, her 14 yr old was my first little beehive when I came into YW. She has really grown into a beautiful young woman who is righteous and has righteous desires! We love her! She had a special place in Sean’s heart too! Alisha, the red headed 16 yr old spit fire, was a great leader! If only she would always use her powers for good J! She always made everyone feel comfortable and included. I would always do her hair for any event. Love her! Debi, the mom, was the most charitable woman! She ALWAYS gave of her time, made it to every event and gave her daughters a ride anywhere they needed/wanted to be! She always helped us! She was so talented and had one of the most giving hearts! I know that they will be so great to the people in Colorado that they will be surrounded by! So excited for their new adventure!

Anyway, after that, Sean and I went to go look at his Aunt Kathy’s table and chairs that she was selling. Anything she sells is going to be WELL worth the money because it’s so nice! We fell in love with the table and chairs!

While we were there, we attended Sean’s cousin’s son’s first birthday party! His name is Kai and he is the most peaceful baby! Then we went home, upacked & cleaned our living room and kitchen! Domonique, a 17 year old in our ward that just joined the church a few weeks ago, spent the whole weekend with us! He is so helpful! He helped us with our house and everything! After working on the kitchen and living room, we chaperoned the stake dance because it was Tierra & Alisha’s last dance. It was a goodie!

Sunday we had fast and testimony meeting because next Sunday is stake conference. We also had an emergency preparedness meeting, so Sean and I both decided we would die if something went wrong so we need to start stocking up. After church Sean went home teaching, and I took a nap. Then, we switched! I went and visited some less-active YW with one of the YW Jasmine. It was really great to see them especially with camp coming up! Monday was met with the beach in the morning—no swimming because of jellyfish—so we played volleyball. Then we went to our pool so we could actually swim. Then we got ready for a bbq at chain of lakes park! There were a few families that got together and each brought something. Then we played soccer after until we all passed out! We then went home (mind you—Dominique was with us this whole time) and did more unpacking/cleaning. When we got home, however, Sean had officially caught what I had and by that night he was so exhausted he couldn’t do anything. So, Dominique and I did it all. I tool D home and I came home and we passed out! It was a great weekend but not necessarily restful! Sean and I can’t even remember the last time that we slept in on a Saturday?! We pretty much just plan for naps on Sundays. Anyway!

I will be posting pictures and random blog posts that I have written but haven’t posted. Sorry about the novel—but it was such a good weekend that I had to tell you all about it!

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Ellen Davenport said...

Wowzer you are some busy bees! Its all those little details that make memorable times, well memorable. Seems like the youths are lucky to have such a caring you! Miss you. Blog More. I eat it up! : )