Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Here's some pictures of what we did in February

Chaperoned another Youth Dance.
Alisha, Tierra & Morgan.
Love those girls!

Downtown Disney

Didn't go see the movie, just got the picture.



Sean's boring red flavor...j/k I think he got a Malibu

I got TigersBlood and lime--YUM.

The end to a great find in Merritt Island. Delicious.

One Sunday afternoon we decided to go to the beach just to walk around. We sat and looked out at the beautiful view! So lucky!

"Toes in the water, sunlight on my face. How did I end up in such a heavenly place?"

The Olsen's in FL!

Bonny & Andrew in town. It’s so good to see them in Florida! Mama J and I went and picked them up from the airport, then we picked up Sara and all went out to dinner. Sean and Kegan were cleaning so it was just us. Afterwards, I went home because Ashlee and Stephanie came over to help us unpack and get our place set up. Ashlee really did a great job…but when Stephanie came, we all just ended up chatting and watching Kaleb and Gavin play. The next day we had plans to go to the beach, so in the morning, while Sean went to an Elder’s Quorum breakfast, Ashlee and I did ZUMBA on the knect! IT WAS SO AWESOME!!! We love the knect and want to get more games!!! It’s crazy how awesome technology is! Anyway, we all made it to the beach and we had a BLAST! The ocean is so beautiful! It’s my 4th time so far this year, the first being in February. Crazy that you can go to the beach in FEB!!!

Anyway, we are going to Blue Springs on Thursday and Universal on Saturday! We are so so so excited!!! Woot woot! Will keep posting as much as I can!

This is a pic of the alligator we saw on our way back from the beach. Crazy Florida!


We moved into our new place! Finally a wonderful place to call our own! It has a hallway, two bedrooms, two FULL bathrooms, a living room, dining room, kitchen with cupboards, and a linen closet! There is a ceiling fan in every room and it’s so bright! The guy we are renting from just redid everything in the apt! It’s nice too because they are all privately owned condos, so we are his only tenant. It’s not a big apt. complex with one manager over all of them. He is a wonderful landlord and we just LOVE what he did with the place! It’s literally right on the water, so whenever we go ANYWHERE, that’s the first thing we see! Also, there are a LOT of old people that live there, so it’s really quiet and peaceful and surprisingly safe! That’s what we were looking for because Sean cleans at night so I am home by myself. We haven’t finished unpacking yet, but here are some pics of the place when it’s empty. IT’S HUGE!!! No more studio-one closet-kitchen so small that only one person at a time can fit-for us!

I couldn't really get a good picture of our's too big! With our king-size bed, we still have PLENTY of room!

Big closet (one of two) with mirrors on the door...I think old people love mirrors. We decided that when we were looking at places.

Master Bathroom aka MY bathroom

Kitchen. Yes it has magenta countertops, but the rest is white and beautiful! Big fridge (it's atually taller than me); an oven that can fit more than one pan, cooks at the right temperature, and the door closes all the way while cooking; LOTS of cupboard space with shelves that pull out for easy stacking; a wide window sill so I can have fresh flowers or herbs; a huge 3 shelf pantry that's as long as the closets in the bedrooms. We just love it! We even have a dishwasher! I haven't had one since 2004!!!

Shot from our front door, living room leading into the dining room and hallway. We have a front door and a back door, both of which have screens as well! LOVE IT! We are also on the top floor.

Living room shot from dining room. It's so bright! This was during a sever thunderstorm at 5:30pm. Isn't it crazy how bright it is!

Second Bathroom (sean's bathroom) with pink and teal wall paper and pink and white marble countertops. Old people like pink

Second bedroom which will be our office/storage room.

The best part! This is the view from our back & front porch! Our parking lot is literally on the edge of water...nothing in between!Sean took this picture before he left for Ward council. It's so beautiful and we were so lucky to find this place! We have a pool, a private dock just for our condos, and benches all around the edge for us to go sit and look at the water. We just love everything about it!!!

Sean's Song

Sean always makes up random songs, but this time it was so funny I couldn't stop laughing! Here's the lyrics (relatively):

I’m so happy

You are so happy

We are a happy family

Because we’re

Meagan and Sean

Meagan and Sean

The two coolest chics eve—oops!

HAHAHA! It really was an accident! He was so into it, then he realized what he did! Just another reason that he makes me smile. :)