Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fun Sunday

The next morning was just as slow, but so relaxing. It was raining all morning, so we all sat out on the deck and watched the storm. The kids played in the rain. Sean and I headed out to Orlando to listen to his friend Austin's farewell talk. This kids family really welcomed Sean and his brother and sister when they got baptized years ago, and this kid said Sean is one of his heroes. He is such a sweet kid and is going to be a great missionary! I was happy that we were able to go and share this moment. Sean really does love him.

After a full morning of traveling and a few stops in between, Sean and I finally made it home for the weekend. We rested and took a little nap, then Sean had to go clean since he had missed out on doing so because of the busy weekend. Right when he left, my brother Michael called, and he and his girlfriend Audrey and her son Landon, and my brother Johnathan were on their way to our house from Cocoa Beach. We had some dinner, watched the first ever episode of Power Rangers, and finished up the night by going and sitting out on our dock just looking at the water.

This really was a great week and great opportunity to get to know Audrey. We hadn't met her before this and we really like her and glad we FINALLY got to meet one of Michael's girlfriends. Her son is so adorable and is the most chill baby. So much fun with all of them.

Family gatherings don't happen that often, but I am so glad that they do because my family--although crazy--is awesome!

Fun Saturday

The next day was kind of relaxed in the morning. We all took our time gathering our stuff for the weekend, then all of a sudden it's like we were rushed and running behind. Funny how fast things change. We made our way to the beach in St. Petersburg where the water is a little more shallow and perfectly turquoise. There were lots of Seashells and me and my brother were finding a lot of small conch shells. So beautiful! It began to rain AGAIN, so we made our way to the little motel where we got a HUGE room for a cheap price. Seriously, it was a 4 minute walk to the beach...we were on the upper level, so on the balcony was a perfect view of the ocean. When we all were changed and ready for the evening, we set out to find somewhere to eat. We ended up eating at a little place called Picante.

Sean got unlimited fish and chips (nice and fresh) and I got the Mushroom & Bacon Swiss Burger with homemade potato chips. OH MY DAYS! It was made fresh to order and was oh-so-delicious! I wish now I had taken a picture! One of the best, fresh, homemade burgers I have ever had!

Afterwards, Ashlee and I wanted to go see the sunset on the beach, so we walked from the restaurant to the beach. We missed the actual sunset, but we got to see the after effects. What we did find, however, was a whole new adventure! Something was going to be built, so they had cranes gather HUGE piles of sand, much like the dunes in Rexburg--if you add a TON of seashells. Ashlee, Gavin and I began climbing on them and were jumping off them. Then, along came everyone else! Jon conveniently had his camera, so we took pictures of each of us jumping off the sand dunes over and over again. The pictures look so cool and will be coming soon. We were there for a few hours. Sean and I went swimming after, then Ashlee and I went and bought groceries from Walgreens (not the best place), then finally made it to bed.

Fun Friday

Friday, we met up again at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure! Everyone came! Mom, Ashlee, Jon, Gavin, Stephanie and her friend Brittney, Michael, Audrey, Johnathan, me and Sean! We were just missing Chloe, Eli, and Kaleb. It took us a while to get out there, but we met up with all of my family (who had been there since 8 a.m.) and started out our day with The Hulk! It was such a great start to the adventure. We were then able to get completely soaked on Popeye & Bluto's Bilge Rat Barges.

After we left the cartoon world, we went to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! Sean and I have a great love for Harry Potter because we have been reading the books! I just finished the first one and I am listening to the second one on my way to and from work. Sean has finished all of them. He actually listened to them while he worked as well! Anyway, so all of the stuff there had more meaning. We would have bought some "Chocolate Frogs" if they weren't $10.50 for a small box. Anyway, we went on the main ride--which is awesome every time you ride it. You get to walk through Hogwartz while you wait in line. We loved it!

After we got out of Harry's World, it began to POUR!!! We were getting soaked, but it was okay because we were all still wet from the rapids. The downfall--there was lightning so all the rides were shut down--at least all the indoor rides. So we decided to make our way to Spiderman. I think Spiderman is the BEST 3D ride there! It's fast, exciting, and IN YOUR FACE! On our way to Spiderman, my nephew Gavin, age 3, did the cutest thing EVER! He saw the Sneetch Landing train going in Dr. Suess world as he was on my shoulders, he grabbed my face, pointed it at the train and said
Gavin: (gasp) The train! Wook, Meagan, the train! (he looked down at me) It works?" (because we had told him we couldn't ride it because of the lightning).
Me: Yeah, it works.
Gavin: Mommy! It works it works!!!

The rain stopped lightly, so we tried to go back to Harry Potter to ride the Dueling Dragons, but right when we got there it closed again and the rain really came down. It didn't stop this time, so we decided to leave. It was a long day. We went home and made a delicious spaghetti dinner and just hung out the rest of the night.

Fun Wednesday!

So this last week was a BLAST! My brother Michael came in town with his girlfriend Audrey and her son Landon. It was such a busy, but exciting week! Sean and I were able to meet up with them a few times. First, on Wednesday, we went to Blue Springs. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's a huge natural spring that you can float down and at the very beginning, the water comes out of a huge underground spring creating a large "swimming hole".
Right past the "No Swim" zone there is a lot of wildlife to be seen. Alligators, gars, turtle, Manatees, and even...RIVER OTTERS!!! They were swimming around like crazy trying to show off for all of us watching. It wasn't a zoo, there was no glass wall for you to look through to see them, they were just swimming and having a blast in their natural habitat! It was so amazing!
Because of our trips up to Blue Springs in Orange City, FL, (just about an hour away), Sean has discovered his LOVE for free diving! He is seriously wanting to take some classes to get better at it. I always knew he was like a fish, but I think now the sea is calling for him to come home!

Anyway, I had to work on Thursday, so after we all left the Springs, we parted ways with the rest of my family and went home.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

March 26, 2011

Last week my brother Michael came to town. This doesn’t happen all the time, so we all made sure that we were going to take the time to get together. He was in town for a week, but Sean and I couldn’t get away from work until the weekend. Saturday morning came around and I had a stake relief society workshop in the morning. I drove down with Jenny (which was so fun) and they served delicious muffins and juice! Then Sean came and picked me up and we headed to Cocoa Beach to meet my family. It was a beautiful day (despite the XS sizes of swimsuits in Target—is everyone XS or am I the only one who’s not). The sun was shining so bright! We picked up some pizzas and made it just about an hour after everyone else! Michael, Johnathan, Ashlee, Mom, Gavin, Me, Sean, and Johnathan’s friend Jenny all had a blast! We went swimming (the water was only cold at first), played soccer & Frisbee, and Michael was helping me catch the perfect wave on the boogie board! Sean and I got sunburned—him on one arm and face—me—EVERYWHERE! I was so fried! First burn of the summer I suppose!

After we left the beach, Sean went home because he had to clean and be at Ward Council in the morning. I stayed with Ashlee and we went shopping at Winter Garden Village with Michael, Ben (Chinese Foreign Exchange Student living with Ashlee), and Mom for Stephanie’s birthday present—since we were celebrating her b-day the next day. We got her an outfit that of course I was jealous of, then we went home and made a little din-din on the BBQ. Afterwards, even though we were all sunburned, we went and played laser tag! It was so awesome! It was a split level room. We played with these kids, 3 girls ages probably 6-11, and a 13 yr old boy. It was us against them. They did pretty good and I did run away screaming from them. They would chase us and say, “I’m gonna get you! I’m gonna get you!” It was intense.

The next day, we went to my sister’s ward and it was ward conference. I was able to go to her Primary Teacher training as well as her class. It was so insightful and I could relate to the YW as well. After church we began immediate setup for Steph’s party. Sean got to Ashlee’s right when we did so we were able to spend the rest of our Sunday afternoon together. We put all of steph’s baby pictures and those of her growing up all over the table with sparkly tinsel. We ate a delicious feast and gave Steph her presents. We concluded the evening by playing Loaded Questions and chatting. I love family get-togethers. We all really have a great time! It’s good to see that no matter what, we all still love spending time together and that we know we can always be there for each other. I love that Sean has a great relationship with my family like I do with his. Families can be together forever, and I am glad I am with mine!

Mandy In Town

Remember...I am posting stuff I wrote a long time ago!

The week after Michael went home to MO, Mandy came into town! I haven’t seen her since she came for my wedding, and now she is married and PREGO!!! So excited for her! She is going to have a little girl named Annabelle!

I picked up Mandy from the airport and we went to lunch, followed by a shopping trip and my determination to find the outlet malls. We had a lot of fun just catching up and talking like we used to talk. That evening, we went to her aunts house and WE GOT TO SING!!! Oh how I love singing with Mandy! We were both looking forward to it! We sang all the songs we used to, and her wonderfully sweet aunt played the piano and taught us a few new ones! We are singing soulmates (except that she should be famous).

Anyway, the next day was the baby shower, so I went to the store and prepped for the party. I made so many flowers and bows for that baby it’s insane. I told her since I can’t be there to do her hair, that would have to do!

We went to the baby shower at her awesome friend Ana’s house, and set up and enjoyed the rest of the evening with a lot of food!!! Too much food! That was the most I had eaten all month! It was DELICIOUS!!! Mandy and I sang again, then we headed home. I dropped her off, then headed back to my home. The next time I see Mandy she will have a baby in her arms! So wonderful!

Pictures coming soon!

Here's one of her new little girl Annabelle!


April 8-18, 2011

Bonny & Andrew are in town. It’s so good to see them in Florida! Mama J and I went and picked them up from the airport, then we picked up Sara and all went out to dinner. Sean and Kegan were cleaning so it was just us. Afterwards, I went home because Ashlee and Stephanie came over to help us unpack and get our place set up. Ashlee really did a great job…but when Stephanie came, we all just ended up chatting and watching Kaleb and Gavin play. The next day we had plans to go to the beach, so in the morning, while Sean went to an Elder’s Quorum breakfast, Ashlee and I did ZUMBA on the knect! IT WAS SO AWESOME!!! We love the knect and want to get more games!!! It’s crazy how awesome technology is! Anyway, we all made it to the beach and we had a BLAST! The ocean is so beautiful! It’s my 4th time so far this year, the first being in February. Crazy that you can go to the beach in FEB!!!

Anyway, we went to Blue Springs on Thursday and Universal on Saturday (We decided to get passes so we could go all the time--dates for a year plus free concerts!!)! We are so so so excited!!! Woot woot! Will keep posting as much as I can!

What is that? Where did Kegan go?

Yep, we went to Hogwartz.

Met a SUPERHERO! Found out Spidey does P90X!

About to go on the Sneeches ride! I loved Dr. Suess-ville!

Lots of 3d rides at Universal...I think Spiderman is the best!

A Daredevil show!

Bonny and I met another celebrity!

Wish you all could be here!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lots to say...so little space...

May 27-30, 2011

I know that my last post was Mother’s Day weekend, and there is so much that I haven’t blogged about, but the thought of trying to play catch-up is pretty overwhelming. Thank goodness I started writing this a long time ago!

This last weekend was so much fun! Sean and I really had a lot to do, but a lot of fun! I was sick all last week, so by Thursday I was getting restless so we went and played volleyball at the church. Not the best idea for someone who was so sick, but we did it anyway. Friday night I stayed up late while Sean went to work so we can watch I AM NUMBER FOUR when he got off! It was more exciting and more supernatural than I expected it to be. Saturday we got up early because we had to help the Flemings load their truck to move. This mom and her two youngest girls are some of the best people we have ever known! Tierra, her 14 yr old was my first little beehive when I came into YW. She has really grown into a beautiful young woman who is righteous and has righteous desires! We love her! She had a special place in Sean’s heart too! Alisha, the red headed 16 yr old spit fire, was a great leader! If only she would always use her powers for good J! She always made everyone feel comfortable and included. I would always do her hair for any event. Love her! Debi, the mom, was the most charitable woman! She ALWAYS gave of her time, made it to every event and gave her daughters a ride anywhere they needed/wanted to be! She always helped us! She was so talented and had one of the most giving hearts! I know that they will be so great to the people in Colorado that they will be surrounded by! So excited for their new adventure!

Anyway, after that, Sean and I went to go look at his Aunt Kathy’s table and chairs that she was selling. Anything she sells is going to be WELL worth the money because it’s so nice! We fell in love with the table and chairs!

While we were there, we attended Sean’s cousin’s son’s first birthday party! His name is Kai and he is the most peaceful baby! Then we went home, upacked & cleaned our living room and kitchen! Domonique, a 17 year old in our ward that just joined the church a few weeks ago, spent the whole weekend with us! He is so helpful! He helped us with our house and everything! After working on the kitchen and living room, we chaperoned the stake dance because it was Tierra & Alisha’s last dance. It was a goodie!

Sunday we had fast and testimony meeting because next Sunday is stake conference. We also had an emergency preparedness meeting, so Sean and I both decided we would die if something went wrong so we need to start stocking up. After church Sean went home teaching, and I took a nap. Then, we switched! I went and visited some less-active YW with one of the YW Jasmine. It was really great to see them especially with camp coming up! Monday was met with the beach in the morning—no swimming because of jellyfish—so we played volleyball. Then we went to our pool so we could actually swim. Then we got ready for a bbq at chain of lakes park! There were a few families that got together and each brought something. Then we played soccer after until we all passed out! We then went home (mind you—Dominique was with us this whole time) and did more unpacking/cleaning. When we got home, however, Sean had officially caught what I had and by that night he was so exhausted he couldn’t do anything. So, Dominique and I did it all. I tool D home and I came home and we passed out! It was a great weekend but not necessarily restful! Sean and I can’t even remember the last time that we slept in on a Saturday?! We pretty much just plan for naps on Sundays. Anyway!

I will be posting pictures and random blog posts that I have written but haven’t posted. Sorry about the novel—but it was such a good weekend that I had to tell you all about it!