Sunday, July 29, 2012

Happy Birthday to ME!

This birthday was one to remember!  I have been considering myself 26 almost since Sean turned 26 in April.   I always love birthdays, regardless of who they belong to, so it's a lot of fun when it's actually mine!  The Saturday before, we went to Dave & Busters.  I don't know if anyone has gone there before, but it is soooo much fun!  We had a delicious dinner, and they sang me happy birthday and brought ice cream with a candle in it to make my first wish :).  The fun part about Dave & Busters is that it is filled with arcade games. We paid $25 and got 175 tokens.  Each game is about 5 tokens, so needless to say we were able to play a lot!  There were simulation rides, racing & dancing games, speed games--ALL sorts of stuff!  I was so bad at the racing games that my 4 year old nephew said, "Meagan stop running into the walls."  lol I have never been an arcade person, but this was soooo awesome!  Just the environment itself is exciting!  We had a blast.  If you ever have the chance to go, you should!  I even got a ton of free tickets because it was my birthday!  Jenny is the one who planned it all.  Sean said, "I am glad you have Jenny because I suck at this planning stuff."  I said I am glad I have Jenny too :) 
 Me, Jenny & Holly looking FLY

 Me and Ashlee, she's a birthday girl too!
 The guys were SUPER in to their shooting game

 Jenny and I attempting Dance Dance Revolution

The day of my birthday started out bright and early!  I really wanted to watch the sunrise while eating Dunkin' Donuts and drinking hot chocolate.  I just had this vision in my head.  Let me tell you, the vision was nothing compared to the real thing!  We woke up at 4:45 and headed down to Cocoa Beach.  It was hard to stay awake on the way there, but the excitement of my birthday kept me awake :)  Once there, we stopped at DD and got the Oreo donut I wouldn't let myself have because of my change of eating habits.  I did splurge on my day.  Anyway, no one was out there, and it was completely dark.  We didn't bring a flashlight, so it was just the stars and moon for us :)  Sean was being HILARIOUS!  He was making up songs, laughing, being goofy.  We saw some crabs too.  Sean was afraid of them which made the morning even funnier.  Right before the sun came up, a flock of seagulls came in...there were so many of them.  I guess they were waiting for the same thing too.  There is nothing like watching the sunrise on the beach.  The colors that were shooting out from the horizon, and how fast it takes the sun to hit the horizon, then how quickly it rises after that.   It's just inspiring.  That's when I hit the water...not all the way because it was cold, but splashing around sufficed.  We enjoyed it then made our way home. Ashlee and Gavin called to sing to me too.  Gav is just so adorable that nothing beats his version. I slept for a bit, then headed to work. 

I as greeted at work by a spanglish version of "Happy Birthday" and they even got me a cake!  I loved that they did that.  I got a card too!  It was soo nice of them :)  When I got off work, I went to get Sean from his mom's house, and there I was greeted with another chorus of "Happy Birthday" and Sean got me a cheesecake for my birthday cake!  This was special because Sean HATES cheesecake, but he made it all about me.  We got ready to go to an early dinner after that at Outback for steak and crab-legs.  It was oh so delicious.  I usually only want crab about once a year, and it was tasty!  The outback staff then brought out a HUGE oreo sunday and sang their version of happy birthday.  FUn!  Thank goodness it was fun because Sean and I were falling asleep at dinner.  We wanted to go take a nap in the car lol.  So exhausted.

Sean gave me my present at dinner.  It was a card with a letter that said 4 things:
1. He will support me in cutting my hair.
2. I get to go shopping (since he didn't know what style of anything I wanted)
4.  We get to go do a fun birthday surprise after dinner.  (surprise turned out to be not worth the money, so we are going to go to the zoo next Friday.)

He made me feel so wonderful all day!  We went shopping right after dinner.  It's weird because out of all the clothes I saw, all I wanted was exercise clothes and new tennisshoes.  WHAT'S THE DEAL?! I have just been so into working out lately that this is what I want.  I am pretty happy with everything else.  Sean shopped with me and didn't complain the whole time!  We went the next day too and he didn't complain.  That was a real gift :)  He just did everything he could to make me happy  and it made the day perfect.

That night I had musical practice and they all sang to me.  Let me tell you it was the most beautiful happy birthday I have ever heard.  harmonies and everything! (Don't worry Miss May, yours was a close second :) Wow!

I can't get the picture right side up.  It was from the missionaries and they did a GREAT job!  
It was a "Hill Cumorah" cake with the m&m's as urim & thummim and they painted a gold toothpick sword! The walls were built out of a cookies&cream candy bar!  Awesome missionaries!

My cheesecake

My cake from work

MORE PICS FROM THE MALL TO COME! Trust me you will want to come back and see them.

All in all it was a great birthday.  Thank you friends for calling me, writing, and thinking of me.  Big shout out to my girl Cara for sending me a WONDERFUL birthday present.  It's everything I need to get on my fitness way!  All of it was so thoughtful!  I am so grateful to have a best friend like you!  The fact that it came on Saturday only extended my birthday!  Thank you!  Love you girl!  I am so glad that I have the people in my life that I do.  You guys only make life sweeter.  Love ya!


Alesha said...

Well, of course it took a conglomeration of talented professionals to barely outshine yours truly. Now, if Calvin had been awake to help, well.... Anyhow, I'm glad you had a wonderful birthday!

Anonymous said...

Looks so fun! Glad you had a fabulous day! :)