Sunday, July 22, 2012

Our Old New Place

I thought it was time for Sean and I to show you our new apt.  We moved about a month and a half ago.  It's a 1 bedroom and we are right on the our front yard is the woods. We think it was built about 40 years ago, and definitely needs to be renovated, but it's okay. We have made it home.  When we moved in, I was so tired of packing and moving that if I haven't used it, or if we had two of something, I have thrown it away.  No more saving stuff because I might use it.  It felt good and I think everyone should try it!  It seemed so much smaller before we got our stuff in it, but it is actually just right!!!  We love it!

View from the front door

Living Room (standing in the kitchen) 

Surprisingly, this little shelf has our A/C unit, but it keeps the whole place cool!

 Utility Room (right off the kitchen)  There is also an attic above this room.  Great for storing things we don't have room for...that is, all things that I haven't thrown away.  

Bathroom (obviously) looks small, but it's a good size, and behind the door there is a HUGE closet.

Hallway (view from bathroom) You can't see it, but on the right side in the hall, there is another huge closet.

I will post pics of our room when we get it done.  It's still a work in progress :)

Update on my ear:  Still hurts every once and a while, but it's getting better.  Sean has started making my birthday week amazing along with my wonderful friend Jenny.  I am so excited for this week :)

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Ellen Davenport said...

Meg, awesomeness on the move. Sometimes small is nice, because it does make ya think about what you just don't need. Did you say somewhere that all your clothes actually fit in a closet now?! If so, I understand how significant that is, I've seen you attempt it before. : )
I like you kitchen living room set up. You have a better kitchen that me, jealous of all that counter space, reminds me of our last Boise apartment. And I like you lamps in the living room, they look like sometin very you.
And lastly I love how CoCo found her way into most shots. So cute! She your little shadow?