Sunday, July 15, 2012

It's been a LOOOOONG time!

It has been such a long time since I blogged last!  I still had a Christmas background, and I don't even remember if it was from this last Christmas, or the one before.  Either way, it's time to start blogging again.  Obviously so much has happened since I last updated.  Sean and I have been surely blessed :)
Sean has been going to school full time, as well as going to night school to become an EMT.  He has completed his course and is now studying for his certification exam.  He wanted to get some hands-on medical experience while on his way to Medical School.  Yes, that's right!  Sean has decided to become a doctor.  His original plan to become a Physician's Assistant changed once he did some volunteering in the hospital.  He has wanted to be a doctor for a while and was going to be a P.A. because it was quicker.  We decided (after praying) that time didn't matter as long as he was doing something he we are on our way!  

As for me, I am still working at Chase bank.  I am a teller now and I am trying to work my way up through the company.  I am looking for work at some non-profits that I can do as well, since I am only working part-time.  I just want to do more!  I might be auditioning for a musical on Tuesday.  I just have to learn the songs.  It makes me nervous because I have never auditioned for something like that before.  I will (hopefully) update on how that goes.

Most recently we celebrated the 4th of July.  We had plans to go to our friend's beach house, play all day at the beach, then watch the fireworks that night at the beach.  Unfortunately I had an ear infection and a ruptured ear drum that made me not want to go anywhere!  So Sean and I got some soup and made grilled cheese, and watched movies.  That night we went to our friends house and watched their fireworks, which actually turned out to be pretty big!  My ears are still healing, but I am being really careful.  DON'T USE Q-TIPS!  

Anyway, Miss Coco is being adorable, and I have taught her to sit, lay down, roll over, and to dance on her hind legs.  She is loving our new apt., which by the way is just the right size.  When I have everything put away, I will post pictures.  Its a one bedroom and lots of space.  I was in major purge mode when we moved in because I don't want to move random stuff ever again.  I got rid of so many clothes, so now all my stuff fits--which has never before happened.  

Well that's all for now, but I am feelin' it now so I should be updating every so often now.  :)



Alesha said...

Good for you! Maybe I'll get back on that horse one day, too.

Alex and Shila said...

Ya I new post! I love seeing what you guys are doing. Good luck with med school! I hope your ear keeps feeling better.

Cara Dickerson said...

Yayyyy! New posts! Lovin' it! You better keep it up! So sad to hear about your ears. Did I not tell you to not use q-tips!? Learned that in one of my p.e. minor classes. Can't remember which one! :) So happy that you guys are on your way to a great life! Miss you tons! Feel free to visit us anytime!!

Sean & Meagan said...

Thanks guys! I am going to try to keep it up! You guys motivate me with all your updates! My ears are getting better, and cara, maybe your voice was the small voice in the back of my head every time I did it ;) love you all. You shall hear from me soon!