Sunday, July 22, 2012

Gavin's Birthday

This past weekend was oh so busy for Sean and I!  My nephew Gavin was celebrating his 4th birthday on Saturday, so Sean and I decided to go up on Friday night to help get things ready.  After we went swimming and shopping, we got started on getting things ready.  Ashlee wanted Gavin to wake up to a Pirate fantasy, so she transformed her living room to look like the ocean and turned the table into a pirate ship.  We laid tarps on the floor, blew up balloons and drew fish faces on them...made a pirate flag, and hung crate paper from the ceiling.  It looked so great and Gavin loved it!  We also filled up 500 water balloons that night.  OH MY GOSH!  It took forever, but was so worth it the next day.  They set up a sand box for the kids to dig for buried treasure, there was a little slip n' slide in the back yard, and we had a huge water balloon fight.  It was a blast.  Gavin had so much fun!  The slip n' slide wasn't as slippery as we had hoped, so we took some tarps and soap and the hose and created a GIANT one on the hill in her front yard.  OH MY WHAT A BLAST!  The kids could not get enough, and it was just as much fun for the adults to watch them.  What fun!  I even took a few slides on it.  :)  Here's some pics from the event.

Gavin's 4!

I had to share this picture, because every time a kid went down the slide, Miss Coco ran beside them, then back up to the top--EVERY TIME!   It was so funny!

The adults got in on it too!

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