Sunday, August 7, 2011

I don't feel like blogging...

I don't feel much like going into detail right now, not because of anything bad...just don't want to.'s what you get:

I cut my own hair for the first time!
We went to Blue Springs again--AWESOME.
Sean and I are both 25!!!
I am still looking for a job, but Sean is great with his.
I miss school. All the kids are starting up, and it makes me miss it more :/

Fun fun!

Love you all!


Cara Dickerson said...

So I haven't told you but I really just want you to come here! You could totally find a job here! That would be AWESOME!

Second, i need to see pix of your hair!

Third, I don't know which you'll check first your blog or facebook, but I posted about you because i am a punk best friend who didn't wish you a happy birthday!

Anyway, I love you!

Kara said...

Hi Meagan! I haven't checked blogs in soo long... its good to see pics and news from Meggy!! When are ya gonna come see your adoring family?? We love you!