Thursday, January 28, 2010

Windermere, Quelf, & IKEA

Advance Notice: Lots of Pictures!!!

Last Friday Sean and I went to the temple for a ward temple night. (Just like my BFF Cara, we have a goal to go to the temple every month too!) We arrived late (lame excuse of traffic) so we did Initiatories instead. It was my first time since my first time and it was so beautiful. We got done early so we got to go sit in the Celestial Room by ourselves. The last time we were by ourselves in the celestial room was our wedding day....special.

Anyway, we got done early and we were waiting outside for everyone else and we decided to have some fun Meagan and Sean time. The pictures are proof of our experience.

Because my sister lives 10 minutes from the temple, we decided to stay for the weekend. We played this game called QUELF a couple of times. It's by FAR the funniest game we've played!


The next day was spent at IKEA with Ashlee, Mom and the ADORABLE Gavin. It was so fun just to take it easy. However, at times it was overwhelming with the loads of furniture piled everywhere. I love it!

We went to church in Windermere and kind of relaxed the rest of the day. At church we saw the missionary wall and Sean's brother was on it. I, being the photo guru that I am, took a picture of it for memories sake. That was our weekend... s'much fun! Everyone should go to IKEA once in their lifetime.


Cara Dickerson said...

Oh Meagers...I miss you! I'm glad I'm still rubbing off on you! J/k So you look pretty shnazy in that outfit and you're hair is getting long! Oh, by the way, remember when it was me and you taking those crazy pictures together? Now we both have hubbies. Oh well. Sean's looking buff in that last pic! And Gavin is super cute. Well, I love ya and hopefully I can call you today!

Ellen Davenport said...

Megan, I adore that you posted! Yay! You do look schnazzy . I particularly love the second picture, totally you.
Thanks for the chat the other day,it was just good.

Alex and Shila said...

Hey we have that goal too!!! I can't believe that you are outside without a coat, scarf, mittens, and a hat on! I want it to be warm soooooooo bad. I like the picture of Sean trying to touch you with his tongue, made me laugh!!! Your expression is hilarious!!!!!!

Meagan said...

Isn't that great? Today it's pretty chilly though, so I have to wear a jacket and I choose to wear a scarf...but it's not really necessary. P.S., I know a way you can be warm...COME TO FLORIDA :) By the way, that tongue picture, my face was totally not planned. You know what it reminds me of...that one rocknroll picture... ah good times. I hope I get to see ya soon!