Friday, January 22, 2010

Don't touch the phone...

I need to write about something funny Sean did before I forget it. So we just bought a new phone, the ATT Flight Phone. Anyway, the next night or so after we bought it, we used it as an alarm for me in the morning. The phone is on Sean’s side of the bed, so when the alarm went off (at about 5 in the morning) Sean woke up sort of panicking looking around for where the sound was coming from. I told him that it was okay and it was just the alarm. Before I could reach for the phone, Sean grabbed it. He was totally out of it. I asked him to give me the phone so I could turn it off, but he kept holding it away from me saying, “No don’t touch it,” like it was hurt or

He still couldn’t figure out what was going and the screen was too bright for him to look at. He tried to look at the screen without looking directly at it, but it kept hurting his eyes every time he looked at it. He was being very gentle with the phone and would harldy touch the screen. He caressed the side of it, then rolled over and tenderly placed the phone face down in the drawer—still not really knowing what was going on—and calmly closed the drawer. It was almost as if the phone had feelings and he didn’t want to let anything happen to it. He then rolled back over, put his arm over me, and fell back asleep. It was so so so funny. Maybe it was because it was new, or maybe it was because it was a touch screen. Any way, I decided that Sean finds a new way to make me smile every day.... I’ll keep you posted on what exactly that is.

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Cara Dickerson said...

Hahaha! That's hilarious. It seems like you guys really were meant for each other. Tell Sean if he wants some stories of your sleepy discussions, come to the roomies!