Monday, January 31, 2011

RECAP & The O's in 2011?!

Married life has been in the works for a while, so I think it's time that I write about it! Sean and I have been married for a year and a half now (CRAZY) and we are doing great. Naturally we had the one year "adjustment period" but we are still in love and totally happy to be together.

We have almost lived in our place for about a year. It is a big studio apartment. Sean wishes we had two rooms, but I love it--although anyone who knows me knows that 1 closet just isn't enough. We have it decorated pretty nice though! I really love the furniture that we inherited, as well as the few things we actually bought. It's furniture that we can keep around for a while.

Sean's cleaning business is actually booming right now. He has a few small clients and a few big ones...which is plenty for us. The company that his dad owns the franchise for keeps giving him new clients because he does such a great job. It's some pretty heavy duty work, and I honestly believe that not that many people can do what he does. He works so hard and I am grateful to have him in my life. (We are so glad that he doesn't have to work at Walmart any more!)

My job is going great as well! It was scary for a while because they reduced everyone's hours and about two weeks later 21 people were laid off. However, the lay-off for this company was quite different because they are planning to hire everyone back as soon as we get more business. I thank Heavenly Father that I was able to keep my position because they feel that they "need" me. I do all of their marketing and try to get new business, so it made me feel good that all of those student loans are getting put to work! My hours are increasing and people are getting hired back. That's a relief!

Speaking of work, I have made a really great friend here. Her name is Mandy and once we finally started to get to know each other, we clicked! She is so funny and I can actually talk to her about EVERYTHING! She is going to start learning with the missionaries and we have been talking so much about the Gospel. She had lived in SLC for a while, so she has been introduced to the church, but it's so cool to be able to answer all of her questions and bear testimony of what I believe and how my beliefs have given me the life I have. Her 17 year-old daughter will be learning too! It's going to be a great new year...I can feel it!

Sean and I have both really adapted to our ward. It took some time, but we have really been able to get to know people and we just love our ward. I work with the Young Women as the second counselor, and Sean works with the Young Men as a priest quorum advisor. When we were first married, we pretty much only hung out with the youth--they were our first friends. Our callings, have helped us tremendously and we have really been working on helping the youth strengthen their testimonies. I was the assistant leader at girl's camp, we were tribe leaders at youth conference, and we go to all the youth dances. It feels great to be involved and we are so blessed to have the callings that we do!

In recent events, Christmas and New Year's were a lot of fun! We spent Christmas Eve with my family and Christmas Day with Sean's family. Both were kind of stressful, considering I had just pulled off planning my work's Christmas party just before, but it was so fun! I love family gatherings and we are SO LUCKY to live close to both families! I love get-togethers! I surprised Sean and got him and i4 and he got me a SWEET pair of kicks---among other fabulous things! It was just a fun, thoughtful time to spend together.

Side-note: Right before Christmas, Sean's brother Kegan came home from his mission in Milan, Italy! It was so cool to meet his brother! He and Sean hang out all the time and Kegan really is a fun kid! For all of you Idaho-ans, Kegan will be coming to the Y of I in the fall so look out!

2010 events
(if you don't see Sean in a lot of these pictures, it's because Walmart was taking away his life.)


Our 1 year anniversary/ House-warming Party

We saw ICE at Gaylord Palms (everything made of ice)

Sean's first time carving pumpkins...EVER

Planned a combined ward Halloween party (with Kristi of course :) & made my ladybug costume!

Got a new haircut

Made it to the Temple every month!

Decided I loved A Christmas Carol and went and saw the play!

Finally, what's coming up?
  • I am planning a wedding reception for the Peruvian family that we are really, REALLY close to. They are getting sealed in the temple on February 12th!

  • The Extreme Makeover Home Edition that I got to be a big part of (my work painted a lot for them, I met the designers, I helped install solar panels on the roof, and MUCH MORE) will be aired on February 13th! BE SURE TO WATCH THAT EPISODE AND KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR ME!!! (The kick-off was at the Kennedy Space Center)

    (yes I was that close)

  • My hair will be 100% my natural color!
  • Six Flags, Peru?, Moped license (for our new moped), my magic b-day and much more!


Cara Dickerson said...

Oh Meagers, I miss you soooooo much! I'm glad we're moving closer, but I wish we could be closer! I love the hair, it's totally you! I'm working on the natural color too, although I want to dye it brown to richen up my natural color. Oh the magic b-day!!! I can't believe you've been married over a year! Love the home too! Hopefully I'll see you soon. Bethy will probably getting married in May, so maybe then. By the way, I don't think one update a year is going to work for me!! I'm gonna need more! Congratulations on keeping the job too! I will definitely be looking for you on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition! Love ya!

Alesha said...

Wow, what an adventure! I agree with update just won't do. We'll chat soon, and hopefully I'll see you on extreme Makeover.

Meagan and Sean said...

Okay! I will try to do better!FO RO!!!