Thursday, August 5, 2010



For those of you who can't tell by the look of us, we were the Titusville Pink Tigers!
We were GRRRRRREAT! Seriously though, we all had so much fun. I had never been camping with air-conditioned cabins, but I have to say it was quite nice. We all enjoyed it--including the cucarachas! Lots of YIKES, LIKES, & BONDING TIME.
The mud slide view from the bottom . Yes, that's a Howl-O-Scream billboard poster. We were sliding over vampires and warewolves (sp?).
Charging through the finish!
Bishop's night was a lot of fun. Our bishop is such a nice person. He is like a grandpa to all of the girls. Righteous guy.

Now I didn't photograph all of it, but we did horseback riding, prayer rugs, flowers and bows for hair, crossed a rope bridge over water (one rope for your feet and one for your hands), and an obstacle course. It was so much fun!


This year for youth conference they did a Book of Mormon theme in which we all traveled to the "Land of Book of Mormon". Throughout the conference the youth performed different skits (each ward), ranging from Lehi having everyone leave Jerusalem (which they made a Jerusalem for us to go to each of the was so cool!) to Abinidi and King Noah, to Joseph Smith receiving the plates. We carved our names in gold plates, had a water balloon war, and did an iron rod activity. Man o man it was so so awesome! They gave each of us our own military-sized Book of Mormon to use while we were there. I loved it. Sean and I were tribal leaders and we had about 12 people in each group. It really was a testimony builder and the youth, although they were so hot because we all had to wear our Book of Mormon outfits that we made the whole time, they still had fun. So glad we got to be there to see the youth's testimonies strengthened as ours were. LOVED IT. We are getting DVD'S of each skit and pictures, so I'll put more up later. P.S. ALMOST EVERYDAY WAS SPENT OUTSIDE...Meals were in the pavillion, girls slept in cabins and boys in tents and that was it. Good times.

Youth from our ward

Samuel the Lamanite Skit

This was our group...some of them. We were the Latter-day Warriors. We had a pretty good cheer too! These guys were awesome. Only one girl that didn't want to do everything--but she still did. I loved it. Hope we get to see them again soon!

This was the morning of the last day. They all got a surprise wake up at 5:15 am...we went to go see Joseph receive the plates and have our testimony meeting...all before our breakfast feast which was called "Feasting on the Words of Christ". They also had solo time just to read and write in their journals. So uplifting. It was probably the most spiritual time for the youth...and us.


Bonny Olson said...

WOW!! It looks like you had a blast, it makes me wish I was a youth again but only so I could be a part of these fun activities..I hope I can be a part of YW some day so that it gives me an excuse! I love how you write with such excitement, it's so you and makes me feel like we're having a conversation..y'know? I LOVE BLOGGING ! WOOOO haha

Ellen Davenport said...

Meagan you rock, that is all. Oh and I love it when you blog!

Dustin Hodgkin, R.M. said...

I found your blog! You and your hubby look blissfully happy. Thanks for being our blog-buddy now.