Thursday, September 17, 2009

You heard right...I'm a wife!

So this is for everyone out there who's been saying, "Meagan, UPDATE YOUR BLOG!" I love you guys and I'm doing this for you!

August 14, 2009 was the beginning of the rest of my life as a married woman. The day turned out beautifully. The week before, however, was a little intense.

Sean and I drove from Rexburg, Idaho to Springfield, Missouri, to Orlando, Florida in a few days. We made it safely without a problem (aside from a cop in Alabama thinking that my headlights were too bright, and he didn't even know how to read my car registration correctly) taking pictures all along the way of all the states that we visited. It was such a fun trip and we knew that if we could make it through that, then we could make it through anything! A funny thing happened, however, our first day in Orlando...I got in my first car accident. Yep, some guy side swiped me after I was making a U-Turn. Not my fault, but still my first car accident. Was that going to discourage me? I DON'T THINK SO!!!

The whole two weeks before the wedding was havoc, but enjoyable havoc. We met with Sean's aunt Kathy who instantly became our caterer and decorator. She took care of it all including chair covers, tablecloths, and paying for mostly all our flowers! She was a saint and made our life so much easier. Within two weeks we planned:
-flowers (including visiting the florist)
-bridesmaid dresses (all sizes in the same dress)
-bridesmaid shawls (probably the hardest part)
-Sean's tux
-vests for all the grooms men
-finding outfits for the parents
-hair appointment
-nail appointment
-making sure full invites for the bridal shower

My bridal shower was wonderful and fun and scandalous and exciting. It was the night before the wedding so everyone that was in town got to come. I wore some hot pink heels and I received a TON of gifts!!! Seriously it was like a birthday times ten!

Then came the wedding. Everything was taken care of and everything was so so so so beautiful! I wish everyone could have been there! However, I did feel the spirits of everyone I love there with me, I really did. I was absolutely BEAMING!!! My sister and sean's cousin (the professional makeup artist) both came in the brides room to help me get ready. Sean and I were a little shaky but once we knelt across the altar, it was perfect. We were so happy. Sean was actually crying more than I was (especially when we were hugging everyone). I cried too... tears of pure PURE joy. My heart was so full. I was truly happy. My brother in-law Jon, and Sean's BFF Andrew were our witnesses. Neither of our parents could be in there with us, but nothing about the day felt wrong. IT WAS ALL SO PERFECT!

My mom and dad met us in the entrance of the temple with my flowers, tears and hugs. When Sean and I saw each other for the first time (him seeing me for the first time in my dress--worth the wait), we just belonged together. When we walked outside everyone was applauding, taking pictures, crying, laughing, smiling, complimenting, and everyone just looked perfect.

We took lots of great pics and made our way to the reception to see everything. We then went to pack for the honeymoon and went back to the reception... TO BE CONTINUED... MY HUBBY IS CALLING! LOVE YOU GUYS!


Chad and Elizabeth said...

I am so happy for you! I LOVE the Orlando Temple! Everything looked gorgeous from pictures and I wish I could have been there. Did you get the little package I sent? I sent it to Cara's. It wasn't anything huge because, you'll learn quickly, newlyweds are poor but i thouhgt you would get a kick out of it. I hope you are loving life! Its so much fun! Sean is a lucky guy but it sounds like he is deserving of such an amazing wife. I love and miss you and I would love to catch up sometime!

Alesha said...

Thank you so much for writing your story! I was hoping you would. I know that you are going to love married life, and I hope you enjoy every minute of it. You can't fall off the face of the earth, though--you have to stay in touch!

Alex and Shila said...

I am soooooooooo excited to hear about part of your special day!!!!! I can't wait to hear more!!! I really want to hear everything about it!!!!

Kara said...

Aww Meagers... so happy for you both. I'm so glad you updated the blog.. I love how you used your wedding colors!! So cute! I loved looking at all your 500 wedding pics on facebook too! I think I really did see them ALL. So sad we couldnt be there but so happy that it turned out so wonderfully! Congrats!!

Kara said...

ps you know you will have to change it to Sean and Meagans blog, right? Or just start a new one...

Andrew & Kandyce said...

HAPPY DAY! I have been waiting to read this post! :):)