Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The people I work with, and the work I do...

My job here is going great. Although I don't do much, I have the opportunity to see and observe, and "take a bite out of" what exactly it is our company promotes...

(left to right)bottom: Me, Noah Riley, Allison Riley
top : Todd Christofferson, Dave Schefcik
David Olsen, our office manager, was taking the picture.
Too bad Neal had to fly to San Francisco last night. He really missed out!

One of our clients is ColdStone Creamery and they launched their new cupcake today. (Dave went out and bought some for the whole gang. Thanks Dave.) It was quite delicious.

The layout: Hard, crunchy chocolate cup, filled with cake, a layer of chocolate syrup, a scoop of ice cream, and topped off with whipped frosting. A little chocolate swirl to accent the look.

The group I work with is just amazing. They are each so talented and motivated with their work. I love these guys.

One last picture:

Peanut butter and jelly is a common occurrence for me here in the city. It's cheap and portable. One day we all just so happened to bring peanut butter and jelly to work for lunch...ALL OF US! It was quite the day so we decided to document it. Neal, not pictured, was the one taking the photo. Thanks Neal.


Alesha said...

Those cupcakes look AMAZINGly good! It sounds like you have a lot of fun out in NYC. Have you seen the sights yet? Keep working hard, and don't eat peanut butter--it's evil.

Meagan said...

Alesha! You make me laugh so hard all the time! wow.

Cara Bean said...

hey sisa friennnnd! I'm so glad you blogged! Yes, those cupcakes are a must for the reception or maybe just for the best friend of the bride! Did you dye your hair again? It sounds like your adjustments are good! I'm so happy for you to have this experience! And eat all the peanut butter you want, just send the left-over jar to Alesha! Love ya!