Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Here's some pictures of what we did in February

Chaperoned another Youth Dance.
Alisha, Tierra & Morgan.
Love those girls!

Downtown Disney

Didn't go see the movie, just got the picture.



Sean's boring red flavor...j/k I think he got a Malibu

I got TigersBlood and lime--YUM.

The end to a great find in Merritt Island. Delicious.

One Sunday afternoon we decided to go to the beach just to walk around. We sat and looked out at the beautiful view! So lucky!

"Toes in the water, sunlight on my face. How did I end up in such a heavenly place?"


Cara Dickerson said...

Of course you would quote this awesome song! Love it! I wish I was by the ocean! And congrats on riding your bike! That's awesome!

Ellen Davenport said...

Nice tongue. : ) You always have so much fun!

Anonymous said...

Well I do hope you can be by the ocean soon enough, but it sounds like you are loving TX! I thought of you, Cara, when I quoted the song.
Flellan, seeing yours makes me miss you too! I saw your one with your little bicycle basket, and I LOVE that idea! So many adventures, so little time!