Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Discovery Space Shuttle's Last Launch

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Just last week we had the amazing opportunity (as did everyone else in Central Florida) to see the last launch of the Discovery space shuttle! Ashlee, my mom, Gavin and Samantha were all coming to watch it with us, but they didn't make it on time, so about 15 minutes before the launch, we headed over to Sandpoint park. Our original goal was to go on the bridge (the closest place you could go) but we didn't have time. Thank goodness that Kegan, Sean's brother, was driving the Focus because we were able to squeeze into a tiny spot that also allowed for a quick getaway afterwards.

The launch was magnificent! Can't believe that people are actually in space as we speak! It was definitely a memorable experience and we are glad that we live here on the Space Coast! What an opportunity! It's funny to think that I have never heard of all of this until we came here.
There were so many people from all over the U.S. There was even one guy that hitchhiked all the way from Washington to get here. It was his 50th birthday. Traffic was completely stopped and RV's were everywhere. I definitely knew people going to space was special, but I feel since being here and seeing these things has embedded an even stronger sense of patriotism.