Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Battle of the Dance

By the way...I was just in Battle of the Dance up here at BYU-Idaho! It was awesome!!! I did a West Coast Swing and I have the link on this post...go watch it on Youtube!


Alesha said...

Holy Snap, that chica Meagan can dance! That was so cool! I still can't believe how brave you are to perform in public so easily, it seems. I admire your courage.

The Sly fam said...

Wow, these pics don't even look like you! I love your new haircut, its adorable!!! Check out my blog in like a week or so... Chris and I just got back from NYC (well, he flew straight to Paris, I flew home), and I'm going to get around to writing about it sometime... :) You're such a little diva, Meagan!