Tuesday, February 5, 2008

What's happening with me cont...

I decided to minor in Humanities—a study of religion, literature, art, and music of different cultures. It’s been a passion of mine since the first day of my freshman year. Actually, I had that passion since I began to learn about different cultures way before I began college. Now I just had an excuse to take classes for it. Why Humanities though? What does that have to do with Public Relations you ask? I really want to do international event planning. Humanities gives me the culture basis I need to help me work internationally. My ALL-TIME, GOTTA HAVE IT, Really what I want to do goal is to work for the church under international and public affairs. I’m working on getting there.

Right now I am working in the University Relations office planning a tour. The Chamber Orchestra goes on tour every other year and my job is to plan every little detail. We will be going to the Pacific Northwest April 12-28, 2008. I’m very excited.
I am currently the first counselor in my relief society presidency and before that, I was the teacher development teacher (teaching others how to teach). Some of my previous callings have included teaching relief society, ward missionary, compassionate service leader and many more.

I have had so many leadership and growing opportunities. I’ve tried to be really involved while here at the Y of I. I’ve been on dance teams, helped involve new students, host performers that come to the campus for shows, and several others. I have learned new talents and developed old ones. I love it up here. It’s been something that has changed my life and continues to change it. For those who haven’t been here, you don’t know what you’re missing until you come. Seriously! It’s the most wonderfully amazing experience!


Alesha said...

Sweet--you are really going crazy! I'm so proud of my little Meg...Thanks for the update! I'll talk to you soon. Don't be a stranger...you can call me if you would like. See you!

The Sly fam said...

Heya Meaggy! We miss you too! I have been so bad about checking my email and blog since our whole family has been sick. Thanks for your comments! I am so excited that you set up a blog! Its so fun to see whats going on with you! You gotta put lots of pictures in here, girl, so we can see you in action! You are quite the busy bee I must say. You've had way more callings than I'll probably ever have in my lifetime. ;) Your job definitely sounds way exciting, too. Thanks for sharing. And hey, you just have to keep reminding people to check out your blog. Everytime you put up a new post, tell everyone, and remind them that they can comment, too! It took a while for people to catch on with ours, too. I love you Meagan, have fun with your fun life!!